I posted this on Facebook and have gotten mixed results.  I think its good, the style is his typical 1957 style, but some feel its too perfect and a secretarial.  The Elvis secretarials I know look much different than this.  Would like your thoughts.

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I don’t think it’s good.

and the controversy continues on this style lol.  I can only go by this one also signed in 57 on the set of Jailhouse Rock.  its as close as can be except the 'y' is dropped down in my post instead of looped .  Id like to hear thoughts on why you (or anyone) may think its no good.

I like the Jailhouse Rock one and think that it may have been ther model for the one in the original post. It has the same look but it’s lacking Elvis’s nuances in my opinion.

The Vince Everett record sleeve once owned and made out to a then teen-aged Sylvia Martinez is a well known genuine piece.

Mr. Viola's posted pic of the  '57 signed Christmas album gets a thumbs up from me.



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