Emilia Clarke, supposedly 258 West had an exclusive signing with her in the early 2010s-2012 and has some of these floating around. Has photo proof of the signing. Wondering if the sig is legit, and thoughts on the company? 

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I dont know what to think. It dosent look bad but her signature is so easy to fake. The photo shows her sign one of these pictures it looks like there are hundreds go the same. I would charge Becket for a short check (that will cost 10 bucks)

Looks pretty typical to me.

 Just to update, Beckett rendered a quick opinion on this item, unlikely to pass. However, I did reach out to 258 West Authentic, in which they stated shortly after Season 1 ended, they had a private exclusive signing before SDCC at a hotel with Emilia. He said it was legit. He also showed more in depth pictures of the signing, and also provided the database where the info from the “coa” is stored. It has this exact photo attached to their coa database. I know that’s meaningless (the coa), however, even in website articles, it reports that 258 conducted this private signing, and even had more after. I’m inclined to believe them, as I’ve also had Beckett render unlikely to pass on items I know are good. 

So, I guess my question is how reputable is 258 West Authentic?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I dont trust this company. Wouldn't buy anything

PSA passed it. From talking to a few others in person, this group was legit and held several high end signings with several celebrities, Emilia Clarke included. BSA seems to be slacking. 



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