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Need help as won’t ship to UK, please?


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Sold out :(

try planet express ship to the US address then ship to the UK from US address or try betweenbox but I only have experience of planet express.

Thanks, looked at that, too expensive, $50 to ship to US then probably the same back to UK, much likely less on eBay, thanks though

It was also 48 euros with betweenbox in the quote as well.

Thanks for looking, not sure why the don’t ship to UK, they seem to ship everywhere else?? I am having no luck with getting any help :/

Sent you a message

All sorted, thanks to Jor-El, superstar I owe you one!!

Jor-El please check messages :)

I have a spare if you want it.

Thanks, messaged

I haven't ghosted you, I wasn't online for a couple of days. Not sure why it showed me online but I do tend to keep tabs open on the family computer.


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