Roger Epperson have for sale in your site this LP signed by Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton. But the Lp is dated 1969... in 1969 there wasn't this line-up inside the Bluesbreakers Band. Coukd be a real fake? Eric Clapton signature for me is strange...

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A real bluesbreakers set with Clapton

For me the Lp and the signatures are a total fake. What do you think?

I would disagree. The signatures look spot on for me. The 1969 Decca album is a compilation of various artists, with a few artists performing with The Bluesbreakers. The two songs with Clapton come from the 1966 album "Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton." The signatures on the album represent the Bluesbreakers lineup from the 1966 record. The year of this records release, 1969, has nothing to do with the signatures on the record as The Bluesbreakers did not even release an album that year. Even Peter Green who is featured on a couple songs was already left and was performing with Fleetwood Mac that year. I think the signatures simply tie to the Clapton songs on the record and they do match your additional example in my perspective. I would snatch up this album in a heartbeat if funds permitted.

I don't like any of these signatures... and there isn't any reason because these signatures are in an album of 1969...

This is a fake and a poor fake signed Lp. This is a 1969/1970 real Clapton autograph.

Wonderful fake autographs!!

Well. I stand by my prior statement. Put my money where my mouth is in that the piece is now in my collection. I have no reservation whatsoever in this piece. 

There is no longer such a signed lp on Roger Epperson's site, despite having said that it is clearly not genuine, someone has bought it



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