I had felt pretty confident this was authentic.  However, the more I examine it, the more uncertain I am.  Specifically, the "F" seems to be shaped more like a "7", the "W" has an odd loop, and the "a"s in both names don't seem as loopy as likely authentic examples I had seen.  Also, she did not seem to use a thick pen/Sharpie very often.  I know she lived a long life and continued to sign for a long time but signature seems stronger than I might expect.

Appreciate opinions and comments.  Thank you as always.

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Sorry beardog1, In my humble opinion, not a fan. With my old eyes I see some contrast, and see what you point out yourself. She signed a lot thru her lifetime. Here are a few online exemplars of her autograph to compare to. I could not find my own.

Thank you for the opinion, examples and emphathy David.  The good news is I seem to be developing a more critical eye.  The other good news is I am making progress on sorting the bad from the good in my collection.  Thank you for your continued help on this sometimes painful but always positive process.  

beardog1, Don't ever throw anything out until YOU are 100% sure it is not real. For over 40 years I have been an autographaholic. I collected in person, thru the mail, auctions, flying all over the country to shows and events, private signings with reputable sellers etc. I collected the ink and put it away without a thought….. who is next.  Now as are you, I am going thru my collection throwing out the crap, so far I have tossed about 5% of my 10,000 to 15,000 item collection. So many of todays reputable dealers and auction houses sold CRAP, back in the day…….My favorite is "we sold you a James Dean, but that is not the one we sold you". I have put up a lot of autographs that don't get a single response, that greatly surprises me. I will do my best to give a response to any autograph in "Is it real" as long as it is in my realm or at least my ability to look at for sale and sold on the net. As an example, I have a Spencer Tracy that no one on this site would authenticate as real, not to mention any top 3 authentication sites. It came from a collection of many thousands from a collector from behind the camera. Some times atypical is the real thing….Its always about the ink.

Good advice David.  I have benefitted from your experience and opinions and continue to learn from other members' posts.  I like to challenge myself to develop an opinion on items before the real experts comment.  It is a good way to learn from my mistakes without having to pay tuition.  However, it is also a humbling reminder of how much I have to learn.  The only autograph I feel confident on which to provide an opinion is my own.

Hopefully, you will get some informed feedback on the items you posted.  I have bumped a few of my posts which did not receive an immediate response until eventually a member with relevant knowledge sees it and comments.  Each post is a learning opportunity for all of us.  Thank you for continuing to contribute to this forum.  I personally appreciate you.



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