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With the recent posts of officially signed books by filmmakers / directors such as Sonnenfeld / Villeneuve / Nolan , are there any other (past/ present) official releases signed from other directors as well?

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Where was the signed Nolan book?

has anyone else not receives their Nolan order? I did receive my Dune limited edition within 2 3 days of ordering but I havent received the Nolan order yet.

I contacted Insight customers service but they do not reply. 

No,  I ordered it 3 weeks ago.  The order now says 'unfulfilled' and the book is no longer available.  Their customer service don't reply. I've asked for a refund and still no reply so I'm making a charge back claim via my credit card.  Won't buy anything from them again.  I've tried numerous email addresses with no reply from all of them. 

Sorry to hear this has happened to you guys. In the past, I've gotten quick answers from their customer service and have never had a problem with receiving product. It's disappointing to hear they're not answering. Hope your issues are resolved soon, be it getting your charge back or receiving the book. 

what is a limit for a charge back? I'm in the UK.

Don't know which credit card you paid with, but you should be able to file a dispute over the full charge. The credit card company will attempt to contact the vendor, and if they don't respond or provide a solution, the credit card should be able to reverse the charge. 

still not had it and no replies to my email or the online ticket either.

I emailed them too. I hope they get to ship those signed books. I was waiting for them with so much excitement. Ffs. I wanted to buy more from them

I got this response from their customer service today.  Whether it applies to all your orders,  who knows! Hang in there for now I think.  Hopefully be worth the whilst......

This Limited Edition is being numbered in batches, and the next batch of this Limited Edition is currently being numbered and should be completed in the next two weeks.


thank you for your reply. So there is hope :)

But isn't that really a pre-order? Would you not have numbered them as soon as the insert was attatched to the bound book and numbered at the time. I ordered a month ago so they should have told people it may be a pre-order or at least to allow two months for delivery once ordered.

I think I will cancel this one because it seems odd that they are doing it like this without being informed when the money is taken at the point of sale.

I honestly don't understand how this was released last year and not having been numbered already when the books were bound and signed insert attatched that this would not be just ready to mail out seems odd.


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