Finally got an authentic signed Queen "A Night at the Opera!"

I've been looking for an authentic Queen signed "A Night at the Opera" with JSA/PSA/Beckett authentication and not personalized to anyone's name. Extremely challenging to find as there are not many authentic signed copies of this album to begin with and the great majority are personalized. This copy is double signed by Freddie Mercury, which is rare. The only drawback is that it does not include Brian May's signature :( According to Queen expert, Innuendo, this is a promo signing session piece and the reason Brian isn't on it is because of the 2 "A Night at the Opera" signing sessions, Brian had a flare up of his hepatitis and missed one signing session. Other than that it's perfect. Now that I've got it onto the next challenge - getting Brian May's signature added to this masterpiece and completing it! Anyone have any ideas (hopefully post-Covid soon) on how to get Brian's signature? Innuendo told me that Brian does do public signings whenever he has a new book come out. I'll happily pay any price for his book as long as he signs this album! 

Thank you so much for all of your help, Innuendo! Very happy to share this with fellow Queen collectors who will appreciate it.


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Nice ,you could display the outer front cover and pay to seperate the inner part of the sleeve professionally split peeled from the flipbacks and regrafted onto another sleeve if you wanted  ,you could sell that other freddie signature for $2500,3000 easily or keep it and display it seperately ,it almost seems a shame to have that tucked away 

Never thought of that but it's possibly a good idea as the other Freddie wouldn't even be shown once I get this album custom framed. Thanks for the idea to consider!

Ouch. There are maybe 3 to 5 of these still in circulation signed in good condition, and without a name dedication. It was an original from a promo signing session for their highest regarded actually causes me physical pain to think of something this rare being chopped up. Value wise, you're far better off keeping the piece original and intact. I would strongly advise against cutting it regardless of it being done professionally or not. 

Thank you for the opinion. You know that I have the utmost respect for your advice, Innuendo! Never even considered the idea until rogers wright comment above. 

It's of course totally up to you, my friend. But the collector in me had to say it lol. 

Not to worry my friend, I will leave the piece as is

I would never recommend cutting a sleeve but you wouldnt have to cut anything i didnt mean front to back i meant inner and outer , if its like the Uk lps the inner and outer would peel apart quite easily they are two totally seperate pieces of card and are glued togethor only on the foldover /flipbacks ,done well it would be totally reversable if you later decided to join them again, you could even if you wanted take apart another identical unsigned sleeve and make two totally seperate sleeves one signed on the outer ,one on the inner 

you have decided to keep it as one lp no problem at all ,its your item but it still seems a shame for that signature to be hidden away      

I know it will be shame that the inner sleeve beautiful Freddie signature will never be seen again once custom framed :( It makes me sad too but I don't want to desecrate the original piece in any way as it's so rare being signed at a promo, in good condition, not personalized, and double signed by Freddie. There may only be a few of these pieces in the world with these same characteristics. But it is a shame that's for sure! 

YOu have to do what makes you happy ,the other signature was a bonus and its always an option later if things change ,cheers 

I've told people this for YEARS. SHow the artist you aren't just an eBay/autograph dealer, and by doing that...when you meet them, wear a shirt of the band. If at a book signing, have 25 books you're buying. This will pack a punch and you explain, "You know why, Mr. May? You're the only signature I need on this album." DO NOT tell him you bought it. That just turns them off. It doesn't impress them. Say a family member got it from one of those signings he wasn't at, and how Queen is your favorite band, etc...and it's a done deal. I've met May multiple times, and...he doesn't like to sign multiple items, so just have that (and his book), and you're golden!

Thank you very much for the wonderful advice! I hope to be able to add Brian soon!

Brian is usually very cool about signing. Ask Pawel Urbaniec (facebook) once they are on tour he will be there. He is a autograph hunt with a lot of respect for the artists and he has great contacts. He also managed to get me Brian on my Sheer Heart Attach



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