FOR SALE: Bruce Springsteen Signed Born in the USA Album from RR Auction. Opinions Sought.

I have

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It was a Quick Opinion only.

Trust me, he did approve it.  If he didn’t, I would have sent it back right away.

A QO does not equate with a full in hand examination - nor should it be taken as an approval for the purposes of the BST.

For the purposes of the BST, the word "approval" is a full cert, LOA etc. from the approximately 8 or so experts or entities recognized as such in this context.

I went through about 100 closed lots at RR. No longer is a date given for any past lots as far as I can see but they did go back for some years as I recall. This LP in question is not among the closed lots. Sometimes things get removed etc. I would send a copy of the cert and your last image to Bill White and see what his response is - do they still accept this as authentic?

Ah, I must have missed it. Thanks Ballroom :)

So it was pre-certified. I believe that status will be classified as something akin to a QO from any of the individuals and services.

Full certs and LOA's are what is needed for sales in the new and upcoming BST Forum.

"...pre-certification is merely a statement of the item's eligibility..."

"...Q: Will I be receiving any third-party documentation noting that an item has been pre-certified?
A: No, our third-party authenticators have ceased issuing free Auction LOAs. You will, however, receive an RRAuction AC warranteeing each item's authenticity...."

Roger is the one who pre-certified it.  And Roger is the one who gave it a thumbs up when I asked him about it well after the auction.  When I showed it to him, I didn’t mention that it was from the RR auction site.

Pre-certs and Quick Opinions can't be used. Right now you have the RR AC and the concerns of several members.

My suggestion is that anyone who has a concern can contact RR Auction and share it with them and/or contact Roger.  Even better, submit a picture of it to RR for an upcoming auction and see what they say.

You already have the RR AC and unless you submit it for a full exam any other opinions are Quick Opinions, which can't be used in this context. I don't know why there are not more opinions in this thread.


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