I just wanted to show everyone (not that we didn't already know) just how Ebay is in the toilet when it comes to autographs and forgeries on their auction site.

I did a "Sold Listings" search on "Mickey Mantle Ted Williams" in the "Autographs Original" section of Ebay.

Below is the link (it's constantly updated of course) to my aforementioned search:

As you can plainly see, the majority (by far) are forgeries.

Ebay has become (and has been) a cesspool of forgeries.

And for the most part, it's the same Ebay sellers, listing and selling the same "Florida" forgeries over and over again.

The majority of them certed by Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) headed by Steve Rocchi.

Below is a list of Ebay sellers of GFA certed forgeries:

Ebay seller Mccauleyjr2006

Ebay seller Alihamed51

Ebay seller Dbvint123

Ebay seller Great*Quality

Ebay seller Dcarlc

Ebay seller Jellyx27

Ebay seller Pan4life14

Ebay seller Stevew6

Ebay seller Mclinko82

Ebay seller Ferr1348

Ebay seller Ranger191

In between the GFA certed forgeries, are the GAI certed forgeries.

Below is a list of Ebay sellers listing and selling GAI certed forgeries.

Ebay seller Heagles67

Ebay seller Waltmm

Ebay seller Pan4life14

Ebay seller Ranger191

Ebay seller Stevew6

No one is going to convince me that this crap hasn't negatively affected the autograph hobby in a big way.

For the most part, sellers of authentic autographs aren't realizing the prices they should be getting for their memorabilia.

And sellers and buyers who list and buy this crap are either scammers or wannabe autograph collectors.

Both of them hide behind the Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators and GAI COAs.

And where is Ebay while all of these forgeries are selling----they are counting the profits from the sales of forgeries.

It really is disgusting!!!!

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it is extremely frustrating Chris, no question.  but when all is said and done, the people paying good money for this crap end up with just that.  Everyone is looking for "bargains", and they are still out there.  I just picked up a very nice Mickey Mantle signature (personalized with my first name) for 77 bucks.  A Koufax single signed Giles ball from the mid sixties for 65 bucks.  so if you take the time to learn the signatures you are trying to acquire, you can still get bargains.  Or you can be a complete moron, and just keep throwing your money at these crooks.  all the while, Ebay profits, no matter what.  What a great system.

I didn't think that GFA LOA's were on the banned list. I saw a couple the other day when I was looking for a Mantle ball. Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely look for these sellers to avoid when buying. I would say that buyers that buy these are "wanna bes" as there are people who want but can't afford. Everyone is looking for a bargain.

they are almost all framed TRASH courtesy of YOU KNOW WHO...TheFlorida Framer

So does EBay have them on the banned list? I didn't think they were but I haven't looked in a while. I won't dispute their validity as I am a rookie in the autograph ID field. Thanks for the inputs.





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