Chris Morales shows up on a lot of lists saying that anything authenticated by him is not worth the paper it is printed on. If this is so why is he still allowed to? Why have the authorities not put him out of business, and the people that use his COA's. There seems to be no rules or regulations governing this. What can be done about this, if anything. Why hasn't the business cleaned itself up after the Bullpen sting? No one was charged? No one spent time in jail? These people continue to do business as usual? Are these people not committing a federal offense? Is this not fraud?

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Law enforcement is busy and rarely looks at autograph cases. And when they do, they're generally slow. But I hope that someday Morales gets what he deserves. The autograph business isn't well organized  and may never clean itself up on its own. This site has had made it harder for the forgery business to continue to operate, and eBay's Trust & Safety department has, too. eBay pulls a lot of questionable autographs, has banned certain authentication company and dealer COAs, and has suspended a good number of problem sellers.

Progress is being made, but a lot of us wish it would happen faster.

Ron, there are a ton of reasons why all of this continues.  The big companies don't want to get involved, so it is up to us to do policing so-to-speak.  And like Steve wrote, there is progress being made, but it is slow. 

In my opinion, Ebay has done a very good job the last couple of years helping to fight the forgery battle, but there is only so much they can.  Ebay has recently put Chris Morales, Ted Taylor (TTA....Stat Authentic was already on the list), CSC Collectibles and ACE (Justin Priddy) on the Banned COA list. 

Another problem is that anyone can give themselves the title of authenticator.  Chris Morales may be able to forensically investigate 2 million year old dung, but in my opinion, when it comes to autograph authentication, I have never seen one autograph he has authenticated that I would consider authentic.  Same goes for Ted Taylor; I have yet to see one autograph that he has authenticated that I would consider authentic.  Think about that, you would think that both Morales & Taylor would get one right by accident, but I have yet to see one.

There are things happening, but it so slow.  I do see light at the end of one tunnel. 

There are Morales-authenticated autographs that are genuine, but they're rare. I've only seen a handful. Most seem to come out of Australia, where they didn't know what he was known for here in the States. And I imagine some collectors who have bought autographs authenticated by him (and haven't tried to sell them) send their legit autographs to him, too...since he's called the greatest thing since sliced bread by the sellers that use him.

There might be, Steve, but I have never seen one.  Think about that; eight years looking at Morales certed autographs and I have yet to see one.  Of the thousands of Morales certed autographs that I have looked at and I have yet to see ONE that I would consider authentic.  My disdain for Morales runs deep.

As a matter fact,  just recently I actually saw (on Ebay) a Mantle autograph that Drew Max got right.  That was a first for me.

Was it a recent Drew Max COA?

I purchased this item on Feb 27/12 and sent it to an court certified professional that both Toby Stoffa and Chris Morales approved of here in Calgary Alberta Canada. I have since been in contact with Master Card. They have told me that If my guy says that the item in question is a forgery then MC will go after the company that I purchased this item from. Then if the company refutes my guy, I can see that this can go on forever. Although they may not if what you say about Morales is correct.

What item are you referring to?  Can you post a photo of the item and COA?

I am referring to the Beatles V1 Album that was signed by all four and has a Christopher Morales COA. I will post a photo (not very good) and I will also post the COA asap.

That would be great, Ron.

I have uploaded an pic of my album, this is not me


There is only one Beatles VI signed by all the Beatles known. If it's genuine and in good shape, you could sell yours in a heartbeat for the mid 5-figures, and it would probably sell at auction for the high 5-figures or more. Two Meet the Beatles sold in the last year at an antique auction house, not an autograph auction, for about $63,000 and $73,000 each. And there are about 15 band-signed Meet the Beatles known.

Any autograph auction house would be thrilled to get your album if it's genuine. 

My I ask what you paid for it? 




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