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There should be a clear understanding between the difference between "facts" and "opinions" if it I a discussion asking people what their favorite song (opinion) then it should be respected if someone doesn't share the same taste and be respectful of others likes.

If it I a difference between what someone knows to be a fact then sites need to be shown it I in fact a "fact" that is what you do in a research paper. It is also not that hard to be respectful when presenting a fact someone may not have known.

There is no need to be condescending to others. Now when it comes to an opinion on an autograph I really like to let people know ot is just "my opinion" any opinion could be wrong. If it is a signature that you can present facts about (clearly not the normal way an artist signs etc..) it is still possible to show examples or explain why without giving a way to would be forgers.

It is all just courtesy and being responsible when you made a mistake or your passion can be off putting to others when you come off as a know it all.
I actually think this place is fine as it is! When someone is acting like a jerk, he/she gets banned pretty fast!

It's difficult to have rules that prevents members from being a-holes, you can only react when it happens. And you're doing a good work with that Steve and Wascher!!!

The rampant bad behavior of a couple members more recently has me thinking about what's fair an what's not. Those issues were a bit extreme. I understand we're all flawed and have different strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has a bad day here and there that sometimes spills over onto the internet. But a couple of these characters contributed nothing but uneasiness, confusion, animosity, frustration, misdirection, etc. Their positive or constructive input was limited to nonexistant, and their only impact was negative. Those characters should go without much deliberation.

I've seen moderately condescending and arrogant people on the forum who at least seem to be knowledgable and keep their attitude in check. I guess it's when you don't have much helpful to say and your antics are pure buffoonery that you should ben shown the door without hesitation.

Yeah but just make sure one doesn't weed out those arriving as beginners, step on their own feet a few times but eventually understand.

And of course many people who arrive hear and discover items they have are forged which sets of a chain of events back home that  Live Autograph never sees-"but I thought uncle Irving got this stuff signed in person?" 

Some of those uncle irvings may come here to vent their buffonery

Yeah, itchy trigger finger is decidedly not what we're looking for.  It seems like most members here get a pretty long leash through which they can at least understand what is acceptable. For some recent cases in mind, the leash just got too long and they were becoming more destructive to the overall good nature of this site.

Thanks to at least one of the more disruptive people we have run into lately, the terms "condescending and arrogant" are most likely attached to my name now.

I just hope that those of you reading this understand that I would never treat anyone that way that hasn't already been politely asked to stay out of my discussions. If someone is being a jerk, I tend to be pretty thick skinned and leave them to their own silliness, but after they feel the need to keep pushing a 3rd, 4th & 5th time calling me out on matters I do know as facts, I will have no choice but to be condescending and arrogant, and I will likely make them look as stupid as they are.

I am here to help and I was raised to be polite, while doing so.

That being said, one method that has always worked for me while looking at autographs is the 3 strike rule. Any signer can have an off day or maybe an unusual blip in their signature, maybe even 2 blips. 3 things that don't feel or seem right's a pretty strong conclusion that the autograph isn't likely real, and even if it is, there is enough wrong with it, to call it useless and not confirm-able as authentic.

If someone is getting out of hand here on the site, the mods should give them a warning or Strike 1, a second warning addressing the same issue is Strike 2 and should be given along with notice that a 3rd problem will not be a warning but it will be their removal from the site Strike 3.

3 Strikes ... you are out.

Anyone serious enough about being here, if they are helping or in need of help, should be capable of understanding this concept. In the real world where people can't hide behind screens and keyboards, 2 warnings is far too much, but here until people see how smoothly this site runs, I think 2 strikes (warnings) is just right.        

I agree with you on the warnings Pete.  I didn't want to be wordy when I added this discussion because I wanted you all to have the words for us instead, ie tell us what you'd like to see.  

And Pete I don't consider you arrogant or condescending at all.  I don't think anyone who has been here for awhile would.

I like the 3 strike rule!

And no worries Pete! We regular members know that you are a great asset to this site! I followed the discussion you are refering to and if the same happened to me as it did to you, I would have reacted in a way that meant that I would have been banned by now... ;-)

I agree

makes sense

I just realized my entire reply didn't appear for some reason.  Strange.

Anyway, what I said to Pete is that he's always been more authoritative than "condescending and arrogant." If you know your stuff and and are good at asserting your knowledge confidently and clearly, then that's decidedly much more helpful than some of the antics we've discussed recently. Members who just create drama and contribute little to nothing are what we're concerned about.

Great ideas and 3 strikes is more than fair!



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