Found the 2 Autographs I've been looking for for over 20 years

I realize that Martin Sheen is not a particularly rare autograph. He signs a lot of stuff and there are lots and lots of authentic examples for people to choose from. The problem is you mostly see Martin Sheen signature on photos from the film Apocalypse Now or from the television series The West Wing. This is the first time after 20 years of searching I found an authentic autograph of Martin Sheen on a color photo in character as Robert E Lee. Is personalized to Eric and my name isn't Eric but I didn't care. This picture could have been personalized to Herbert Weinstein and I would have bought it.

Jeff Daniels is another one whose autograph is readily available as he signs a lot of items as well. I actually got Jeff Daniels in person, but I had no idea he was going to be at the event I was at in Vegas, so I didn't have a picture of him in character as colonel Joshua Chamberlain from Gettysburg. The fact that I had him right in front of me but I didn't have a picture of him as Chamberlain, and had to settle for a signed index card has always driven me a little bit crazy.

I got the shock of my life when I found both photos on the same day at the same online auction house with two different sellers...Oh happy day!!!!!!

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Hi Brian.

That is cool. I absolutely loved the film Gettysburg. Very well done. Really enjoyed Gods and Generals as well and was hoping they would make another film. Now you will need to look for a Robert E. Lee autograph and a Joshua Chamberlain! I'll add that I even bought these films on Bluray.

Those are cool I still need Daniels but Sheen still signs TTM I just sent a Gettysburg pic to him not long ago that quickly returned signed
Wow, yours is the second one I've ever seen. I've never tried to get an autograph through the mail. where do I get Sheen's address?
Stephen lang as Stonewall Jackson. Celebrity Authentics private signing pic

Great photos.  Love the film Gettysburg as well.  I had a Robert Duvall signed as Lee photo.... but I don't think I have it anymore.  :(


You can find Martin Sheen's address over at


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