I was wondering if anyone has any framing advice ? I have a few photos I would like to get framed. A couple 16" x 20" prints, a couple 11" x 14" and several 8" x 10"s. I am interested in matting them with a descriptive nameplate, so I am looking for websites that would offer either the mat or both the mat and frame.

I realize the 16 x 20 photos will be huge with a mat so I am open for suggestions. I would prefer to do these myself if possible.

Thanks for your time !

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I'm thinking the 16 x 20s and 11 x 14s you might want to bring to a local professional framer (NOT Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but rather a dedicated frame shop with a good reputation). Depends on the value to you though, monetarily and personally.

Or the other option is have it professionally matted, then buy the frames on your own to the size of the matted display to save some money.

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for your input, I will look into this.

i do all the framing myself don't matter the size...cutting cardboard is something you have to learn and you need some professional tools.

Hi Rob,

Thanks, that looks great and just the kind of thing I am looking for. Can I ask you what the supplies cost to complete this project ?

Not sure if I could do the job that you did though, I have some issues with nephropathy in my hands.

i'am from the netherlands and can tell you what it cost me in euro's - the ruler did cost 100 euro's and the cutter around 50 euro 's  and i use these a lot and don't think it's something for a few times. i also did make a huge board with on the edge a used aluminium part of a frame so the actual cardboard that i want to cut will stay in place. before cutting i always put a board under the actual cardboard so the knife in the cutter will cut smoodly and stay intact. hope you understand all i wrote. good luck and look at a youtube video how to do it...helps you for sure.



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