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I moved your post to our Queen forum. You'll get opinions from members strong at authenticating Queen.

I'm not one but I'm not bad at Freddie and this definitely looks real to me, and familiar. Wait for others before you decide what to do.

I have never seen Freddie sign anything with "good wishes". That doesnt even make sense to say. Not impossible but odd. Its also signed on the same rounded booklet paper as the other one asked about today. It's not plain paper. It's rounded edges from the same booklet. They're even ripped from the same side. They have good characteristics (the one asked about earlier more so than this one) so I can't say they're definitely no good, but I'd just avoid them both, honestly. Fred signed so much, there's just no reason to not save up and get better items. Either they're atypical/rushed and both signed at the same time on the same booklet or they're no good.

Someone emailed me asking about this piece this morning but I am on a cruise and my wifi is touch and go so I'm not sure my response got back to them. It's entirely possible that they were signed at the same time but with both being atypical and the "good wishes" on the same booklet pages, I'd skip them and wait for better examples of his hand to become available. Tracks UK is an excellent place to watch for queen items. I hope this message gets through. If not I'll keep trying to respond via email.

Mikex, if Innuendo doesn't like it, don't buy it. I thought this was solid but it's not, at least.

I'm a bit confused by this thread. Does it relate to the same item discussed in the "is it real" section? I assume it does but Innuendo refers to "Good Wishes" and the other item reads "Best Wishes". Could someone post an image of the item being discussed in this thread - at least if different to that in the other thread.

Pug, Mikex posted it in Town Center, and I move the discussion to the Queen forum. I told him wait for comments from members that know Queen well, but also  gave him my opinion that I liked it. Innuendo commented that he was not comfortable with it and posted the same autograph from the actual source. Then Mikex deleted the one he posted without saying a anything.

Thanks Steve. Great to see that I have a canine companion by the way. Looks like he or she could eat me for breakfast.

Well thats because the op photo was removed for some reason. As i said before, its entirely possible that these two were signed at the same time from the same booklet, but being that both are atypical and one also sports a very strange "good wishes" (never seen before), I'd play it safe and avoid both.

Thank you Innuendo. The plot thickens....

Just how many sigs did this Barry fellow get? Or maybe Fred just ran into an awful lot of Barrys that night... Mikex had asked me about this pink piece a while ago and I saved it to my atypical folder with a little note because it was very odd but definitely has enough characteristics to be excused as an extremely rushed 'signed while using someone's back' piece. And I have to stress it's atypical nature. Fred signed many atypical pieces but being that they're always rushed and signed in awkward ways, atypical pieces are very rarely nearly identical. Promo signed pieces or 'signed while relaxed' pieces, sure. But never rushed. They will have similar characteristics, but if he was signing in a hurry and on an unleveled surface, you wouldn't have three nearly identical rushed and atypical signatures. They'd be 3 different types of ugly. The pink one came from a UACC dealer and still stands the best chance of being genuine of the three. Incredibly ugly, but I've seen worse. Gun to my head? If i was cynical (purely hypothetical, nobody sue me) someone used this pink piece (a very poor example of his rushed hand) and used it as a base to work from if you catch my drift. I still cannot say these two from the exact same booklet are not genuine, but I can say the fact that they're nearly identical to one of the ugliest rushed examples of a fred I've ever seen is enough to turn me off of them. The chances are slim for that to be the case. Not impossible, but slim. Lord knows there could be two Barrys he signed for. But two barrys signed in the exact same unusually rushed, atypical way on two different papers...I'd avoid them like a case of crabs. Apologies if this gets posted multiple times. The cruise wifi is just about the shottiest ive ever seen. Ill try to get back when i can if its needed. 

I think these three examples are far too similar for comfort.

The collection I bought earlier this year is evidence enough that Freddie was willing to sign multiple autographs to the same person during the same evening but none of the autographs in that collection are as consistent as the three above. Here is a link to the collection:

The white Barry-Freddie is from me.

Barry is said to have been an executive in the Shell Oil Company and so visited some top class Events in London.

I can imagine him meeting Freddie at such an occasion and obtaining a second autograph in the same album (next page, same atypical style) for a friend named George as a gift or favour. I also can imagine that at another event he got a second sig in a different album. Could be. But could have been a forger using a form as well.

So I think we shouldn't judge the circumstances but the sigs themselves. They are written in old ink and are written consistantly and quickly without hesitations as a forger would have done. Same for the dedications that - as far as I know - fit his handwriting.

Would you agree? I haven't payed my piece yet ...

As I said a few times already, I cannot say that these items are all definitely no good. I cannot even say that these 2 from the same booklet are definitely no good. I can say that the chances of 3 nearly identical rushed/atypical pieces from him are pretty slim. I can also say that I have never seen him sign anything with "good wishes". (And the concern for the good wishes piece is important because yours is clearly signed on the same paper from the same booklet so whomever signed that one likely signed yours). Basically KaiMai, it's down to what you feel comfortable with. If you feel comfortable with your piece, pay for it. I'm not telling you I have solid proof your item isn't real. You emailed and asked for my opinion (someone did yesterday, anyway) and asked for my opinion here by name and I gave it to you: I am not comfortable with the piece and I personally wouldn't buy it for all the reasons i described here. However, I cannot and will not say its definitely not genuine either. 

Me? If I'm going to pay money for a piece, I'm going to buy one I feel totally comfortable in. If you were a friend asking for advice, I'd suggest saving up your cash and going for a more typical example of his hand. I'd also suggest never buying (or committing to buy) a piece before being sure you want it. You're more than welcome to ask Epperson but I have corrected him a few times on queen. Nobody is perfect at every topic. Now, I'm off to enjoy this cruise. I sense my travel companion is getting a bit irritated that I'm on my phone and not in the moment. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at and I'll try to get back to you when I can. Cheers all!



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