Hey guys! so i've been looking for Freddie autographs for a while now and started to know which are fake and which are not, i've recently came upon an autograph of his which is getting sold on Ebay, the Seller says he got it from an autograph collector, and here are some images of it : 

But looking closely at Freddie's autograph it got some "mistakes" or unexplained things,

At the first circle we can clearly see that the pen might've been pulled up and put on again, and in the second circle we can see that there is a small black line which also means the pen was stopped, i wanted to buy this autograph, and the seller says it is fully authentic, and has 100% positive feedback,

and i need you opinions please, could i be wrong?


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This one has already been posted about today. It's not genuine. Comes from a forger out of Illinois. The first D you circled isnt a stop in the flow, but a turn that happens with sharpie. Still, a poor quality fake. 

Also, it's usually safe to say any freddie signed item you spot on Ebay for $34 isnt genuine ;)

Had this item been real, Roger and Freddie on this album would be worth about $1,200.

Edit: I see it sold for $90. Last time I'd seen it, it was at 34. I would hope most people would know a genuine freddie wouldnt be sold for $90...sure hope the winner has a chance to get his or her cash back. 

That's what i thought, thank you kind man!



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