Thoughts? How much is something like this worth?

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Looks like you posted this as two separate posts, so I'll just respond here. It's genuine but with Fred being so unattractive due to such a "squashed" signature placement and it being visually difficult to read when displayed, its vastly overpriced at 4800 they were asking. I wouldn't suggest anyone pay more than 2.5, 3K max for this. It's more about quality, than anything else. Something like this where you'd have to deconstruct the piece to have all 4 signatures displayed at once lowers the value, typically. 

It nearly sold within that range at $3,025. I’ll go ahead and delete the duplicate discussion.

I can only see the 4888 price tag but it does say sold. Is there a way to see those hidden best offer prices on ebay? 

You can see them on

Neat tool! Thanks

Must have been knocking around for a while for the seller to accept that kind of discount - even if the original asking price was too high.

Idk if it was always offered by the same seller but it had been on ebay for ages, seemed like.



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