Credit to crazyrabbits23 for the find but this needs its own post, I almost missed it in the upcoming releases thread

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Thanks Man - I just ordered a signed copy from Indigo ($56 for the book + $18.49 ship) worth it to me for Geddy. Appreciate the heads up on this.

Yeah like I said, credit to crazyrabbits23 for finding what will be my get of the year, I almost didn't click the upcoming releases thread this morning and man would I have been upset lol. i figured some others might miss it too without its own post

Hi Joel, I see. I did not see crazy rabbits post in the other subject on this until now. So yes, Thanks crazyrabbits23 too (Canada ROCKS). Also, I just saw one of these for sale on eBay for 999.99 - unreal. In any case, I am super happy to add this to my collection. 

Yeah I always get a little nervous with Indigo as they regularly tend to oversell and cancel orders but I'm hoping this will be ok since I got in early on, my account with them is still showing both a Cormac Mccarthy and Brian Johnson as pending lol  

The listing came online within the later part of the day, as I had already checked new stuff on their site at noon and didn't see it posted. Just glad some folks found it helpful.

100%, as long as you ordered quick, I think they will do their normal thing of fulfilling orders, until they run out, based on first to last orders.
Wondering if Indigo is gonna be the only place to stock signed editions, since it's a Canadian based company, and Geddy is gonna tell all the US based book sellers to drag it LOL

Thanks for posting.

Have an Alex from Newbury and this will easily be my get of the year.

HUGE Rush fan.

Thanks, was waiting for this for quite some time. Rush is one my favorite bands of all time.

Also need to tag @JIMMY JAMES somehow since he's the one who told me about it hehehe

Thanks Yony Mark for keeping me posted, and Jason H for the direct message.

What an excellent community we have here on this forum!

Got one! Nice to finally get something and pay with Canadian dollars, with no Duty or Import Taxes!

Plus Free Shipping in Canada!

Been trying wean myself from the autograph addiction but this is a must,

and will be among the Top Gets of 2023!

Awesome my man! I had to pay like 41$ for international shipping...

At first, I wanted to ship to my P.O. box in the USA, but the shipping price to there is also something like 19$ so with import tax it's not much cheaper than the international option.

Yep, this forum is excellent. I've learned a lot from the discussions on here, and this forum has helped me to get really cool merch as well \m/

Appreciate the Heads-Up!

Would have preferred to wait for a US outlet, but Geddy might say "Take off, eh!" and just keep it Canadian, so better safe than sorry!


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