Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know when a solid set hits the scene, and here it is.

I don't know the seller, but the item is not only genuine- it's one of a limited number that were hand signed by the band and given out to record stores around the UK in the 80s during a promo. Right now it is at a very low price. I can promise you it'll sell for much more. If my wife wasn't twisting my arm to downsize my own collection right now, I'd move on it myself.

Good luck to all those bidding.

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yes the global shipping programme is putting me off as well altho I thank  innundo for posting it up.  is at as much as an extra 25 per cent that non usa people have to pay?  I have a funny feeling it will go to a usa resident!! 

Ha, I'm the high bidder at 850 at the moment but don't expect it to go at that. Its a nice one with no doubt authenticity(which is the kinda stuff I go for). Good luck to those out there that go for it.

Good luck Ian,Here is the one I currently own
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Nice one, Paul. Looks like I've seen it before. This exact one, that is. Either way, another nice piece. Items like that are the ones I tell people to hold on to. Those items build in value over time. Promo items fully signed and with very limited numbers.
I wonder what happened to the rest of the box set?
Yes the last time this one was being offered, it was the complete boxset but at a ridiculous price of nearly 3k before bids even started. For display purposes, I personally wouldn't mind the missing boxset, but of course it wouldn't be worth as much as the complete item would. Still, it's within fair price range this morning. Still got a few days to go.
I won this one on rr auctions 2 yrs ago.I also thought I would frame the signed album and put the box set away but then I thought about it and decided to keep it is the pic of the full set right from rr description #317 off 600 signed.
You probably saw it on rr.
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Yep, that's why it rings a bell
If u go on the past search at rr you will see that these box sets fluctuated a lot in market value.i found at least 5 or so sold high end around 3k md was around 2400.00 and I was the lucky one that got it at the cheapest cost...I paid 1850.00 with the bp.
I got it at a pretty good price considering how much other went for in the past auction search at rr.
To be honest, these aren't considered to be worth anywhere near 3k by Queen collectors. Price is always down to whatever an individual is willing to pay, but the big collectors always have something to say when they see these going for more than $1,800. However they are great items and definitely worth it, if you don't have many Queen items as it will gain value over time and if you're going to put your money into one or 2 items for the band- this is one of the items I'd suggest it be.
Thanks for the insight Innuendo,it's a nice set for sure and you're right,it's always what people are willing to pay for.



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