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George and Ringo's handwritten lyrics to The Beatles' 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' are for sale

For sale by Frank Caiazzo.  Asking price $195,000.


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very cool I thnk overpriced my guess 100 to 150 k is the right number

You stated "For Sale by Frank Caiazzo" but couldn't find these on Frank's Website.  How do you know Frank is selling them?   The CNN article only says it comes with his LOA. 

Hes not look at the coa it's from 2005 

According to TMZ these are for sale by the company "Moments in Time" (known for SKY HIGH prices like the 1.5 million they wanted for the "Double Fantasy" last one Lennon signed) -- It is still for sale on their website 3 years later.  While nice, the "When my Guitar.." lyrics are mostly in Ringo's hand which means they were not working lyrics but probably done after the fact. Unless Ringo co-wrote the song?  Doubtful!

195k buys it

I thought the same thing.  I don't think that Ringo had anything to do with writing the lyrics, particularly given how the article describes George's writing influence.



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