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This George Harrison autograph appears to be genuine but in poor condition.  How difficult would a restoration be and is it worth the effort ?

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Looks good, ask Jaime, he will know everything.  He is the best.


Thanks Dennis 

Most certainly do not use this guy. He ruined a 65 set I sent him. 

I'd listen to Mark. This can ge done with gases properly but very costly. Are you looking to sell or keep?

Looking to keep

Not worth the hassle. At all. 


This might be the strangest George signature I’ve ever seen. Georrge Harriison.

Good point. I was looking at condition but thought it looked a bit odd.

Rolled R's and emphasized I's: that's how George often signed during The Beatles' 1965 concerts in Spain.

Take a close look at the ARRI portion. I’ll have to check, but I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before.

Check your friend requests, please 


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