A while back I decided to give Mike Frost from P.A.A.S. a chance to authenticate a few of my Beatles autographs. He was significantly cheaper than many of the other authenticators and I had seen his EBay auction a number of times. I decided to send him this mid 70's Harrison autograph which, in my opinion, is pretty cut and dry a genuine autograph. To my disbelief he responded saying that autograph was in fact NOT authentic! Along with this signature I sent him others as well which he deemed as not genuine. I felt terrible knowing that these were real and I was just taken for my money to the tune of $400.00+ dollars. After I received the signatures I did the only thing one could do. I mailed them off to Frank Caiazzo for a true authentication. As expected, the autograph was indeed authentic. I felt a little more vindication when I found out that his authentication services were puled from EBay. BUT! I just ran across another one of his ebay auctions trying to lure unknowing patrons to use his services for Beatles autographs! I was as you can imagine quite peeved. In my opinion, I would stay as far away from a Mike Frost PAAS Beatles authentication as possible. It is my belief that he has no clue what is real and what is not and I would advise to save your money and go with someone more reputable in this business. Take a look at the example for yourself and you be the judge!!!

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It's obviously authentic. How embarrassing.

ya, pretty sad ballroom.

My first thought was....what a nice George Harrison autograph.

It is a really nice one. Mike will probably see it and join the discussion. 

there were several more that he got wrong also, but he did get one right,  that frank also said was bad.

that is a very nice Harrison

thanks terrier

Scott Kroll, South Texas Music Mart,
It is easy to tell half or a quarter of a story especially on a blog.
First of all can you explain how you were taken by P.A.A.S. for $400+.
It took me some time to respond because I needed to look up your information after you sent me the nasty e-mail yesterday, a year after your submissions. The George Harrison signature posted does look good but I am not 100% convinced of it's authenticity. I would wait to receive the opinion of Roger Epperson on this signature. Frank Caiazzo is well respected and I do believe he is one of the top Beatles autographs experts in the world. If you recall the reason you first contacted P.A.A.S. was because you had some issues and complaints about Roger's authentications.
You had also send me 6 additional signed items that were not authenticated by P.A.A.S. after our examination. Can you please also post those signed pieces with the P.A.A.S. turn down letters and the Frank Caiazzo certificates of authenticty. We would honor and respect the decision of either Frank Caiazzo and or Roger Epperson for a full refund to you from P.A.A.S. for our examinations.

mike, i never ever had any complaints or issues with roger as an authenticater. other than he was to busy to repond when i called him on the phone to talk about my auto's. i have never seen any beatles auto's on his web sight that i have ever questioned. i only used you on a referel from habbyroad in germany. my main beef was with ebay when they pull real beatle auto's without c.o.a.'s and leave many fakes to run the duration of the auction. the one in question you talking about was a wings over america signed by paul in 1982, the onle reason you said it was real in my opinion was because habbyroad said it should have never been pulled. the one that youy and frank agreed on was the wonderwall signed by george. p.s. i have sold many auto's to roger without c.o.a.s and has never rejected anything i have offered!


What about posting the other pieces Mike looked at? We've got an authenticator willing to publicly discuss your entire submission, which is pretty cool and ballsy. Let's take advantage of the opportunity.

i will do on monday, they are on a copumter at work.




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