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On eBay there are many fakes for various items, not just autographs. Its on you to do your research before you buy.

I've actually bought some stuff from re-sellers, and so far everything I got was authentic. But I only buy on eBay stuff that I'm 100% confident about.

I thought Newbury only had the signed Lithographs on their site? I never saw any CD’s available.

The signed CD inserts have not been released yet. I follow the band on Instagram and Facebook. If you read the comments, their web mistress answers all the questions. The signed lithograph sold out on Newbury and Le Noise. This morning was JCP and only CD inserts (no lithographs for them) and not shipping to the USA. They sold out in an hour or less, same with Newbury. Le Noise was gone in mere minutes.

This is basically like buying concert tickets. They sell out fast. It's sad because as I said in my original post, it was never like this for past albums. I have 1000hp, Live & Inspired and When Legends Rise, all signed CD inserts, all from Newbury Comics and I never had to fight to try and get them before they sold out.

Honest question: What do you do if you have to leave the house and will not have access to your cell phone?

I don't want to miss out but I've got to go out.

Go out and live your life as usual? Being connected 24/7 to the screen is unhealthy. 

Completely agree, I'm enjoying the sun and warmth and a new book I was given for my birthday. I would just be very sad if the CD with the signed insert went on sale when I'm not home. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief and I'll stop there and go grab my lunch and enjoy it outside and once I'm done, return to reading.  I am headstrong about owning the signed CD insert without having to pay what feels like a fortune to own it.

Dammit really wanted there signatures:(

I know the feeling all too well, especially as a fan of 23 years and I'm on the couch in my living room and admiring all the memorabilia I've collected and is displayed knowing more is upstairs safely in a storage container and pondering if I will ever get one poster framed....make that two. Their music means the world to me, favorite song is Serenity, favorite album is When Legends Rise, and their music brought me to my two very best friends who are more like sisters to me and both have been in my life over social media since 2005. And my custom GS tattoo needs touch up work but my mind is elsewhere. I'm sure people scroll or stop to read but I have PTSD, depression, and anxiety and it's been a daily battle of 25 years. I am working hard to keep my anxiety at bay so I can enjoy my days and just be ready to rock n' roll when the CD is released. As I've been told, there's always eBay and give it time for prices to come down. People are making such a mess of things because the band simply isn't going to record after this album. They aren't breaking up. They way some eBay listings are written, one would think Sully himself had said they are breaking up. In fact quite the opposite. Godsmack is my family and that's that.

Sapphire, I've sent you a friend request. Please respond so I can help you with what you've mentioned :)

Well done!


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