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Never heard of it

yeah after reading the description I'm not sure if it's legit or not, I saw someone on eBay that had an Autographed preorder for sale so i searched and this was the only store i found offering it so far.  

I have never heard of this place either. It looks like they are a record store in Quebec. I am not sure if I should preorder or not from them. I really want one of these. Maybe Newbury or someone we know well will eventually have these for sale. I might just wait a little bit.

yeah I was holding off unless someone knew anything about them, after I added one to the cart the message that popped up sounded a little strange, admitting that it could take up to 6 months and not even guaranteed to get it at all

You are making a SPECIAL ORDER for

 Godsmack - Lighting Up The Sky CD (Autographed) 

The item is not in stock and will be ordered at our vendors . A delay of 2 to 24 weeks may apply and product availability is not guaranteed.

Order containing a special order will only ship when all items become available. Card will be charged at time of purchase.

Sounds shady. After 24 weeks you forgot about the order and by the time you think of it it's too late to do a chargeback on your card.

Hurray for Newbury, 

the band is "local" for them, 381 LPs remaining as I write this

Yep, was up for about a few hours, would go for it if jpc.de didn't have a signed cd version

Lenoise.ca is a reputable vinyl site, if it was actually in stock, I wouldn't have any issues in ordering. You don't get charged until it actually ships, so if they can't get the extra stock, no harm no foul.

I'm hoping somewhere has the CD's available, not super keen on spending $34 plus ship on a vinyl of them.

Danke! grabbed one.

I dont see the signed CD on the official site?


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