Finally got my Eric Clapton!! Can not decide if I want to frame with a picture or give it to my son for Christmas. It is not just Eric - but also Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce with a Roy Orbison thrown in!!
Also - freaking MADONNA!! I asked your resident expert, Kamran, who said it was real!!! If I give my son Eric I will have to give my daughter Madonna. Uggg...tough decision. I mean - they will get them eventually. Also got a Cindi Lauper! Lucked out!!! I am looking at a Biden - I would love to own his!


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LOL - not off Goodwill!

Hi Kim,

great buys! Did you get the Billy Cox signed page too?

All of them.! I had to google Billy, Jerry Allison, Bob Keane and I figured Al was the father of Jimmy Hendrix. You would have heard me shouting in it was Jimmy!!!
The women I knew Maddona and Cyndi. Never heard of Julianna Hatfield, Nanci Griffith, or Laura Nyro.

uggg...Madonna. Just excited. I LOVE Roy Orbison, too!

Are you keeping Billy Cox or would you be interested in selling?

Are we allowed to do that on this site? I love it too much to get thrown off. BTW - They just mailed them yesterday so it is not in my possession, yet.



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