I believe this to be 100% genuine, but of course I'm biased bc it's my piece.  Any thoughts would be really appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Did you obtain any of the graphs in person?  If not -- some info about your source would be helpful. I've seen this one before.  Fully signed LPs with Pig Pen are almost non-existent.  Signature placement on the LP is perfect -- almost TOO perfect.  And the Mickey and Pig Pen look similar.  Let's see what the other members think.....

Thanks so much Bruce.  I really value and appreciate your input.

This piece was gifted to me in 2001 by a really close friend who purchased it at an art gallery on the West Coast. Unfortunately he passed away some time ago, and I forgot the name of the gallery.  There was a COA included, however that was destroyed in a fire.  To be honest, I never gave it a second thought bc at that time I was convinced that I would never part with it.  I was able to get in touch with the artist Stanley Mouse of Mouse Studios (who this was piece was originally presented to), and he remembers the piece, and in his opinion this is "very real". Hope that helps.  Thanks again Bruce!!!


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