Green Day Saviors [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed CD]

looks like this is going to be in all the indie stores, here are a couple of links

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Thank you!

Awesome. I just ordered a copy from the 5 closest indie record stores to me. Really just hoping to get 1. Look for your local shop online and if they happen to use the same stock system you can just put the /UPC/093624849001 and hopefully find it.

Strangely enough, many of the record stores ship internationally, but very often Germany is not included in the long, long list of shipping destinations. So far I've only found The Record Exchange, does anyone know of any other stores?

Let's see what happens.

If you remember, a lot of us got Jon Bon Jovi autographs via this method a few years ago.

Oh, good one!

I think it may be smart to spread out the orders out to different stores. There are literally thousands of shops that use this inventory system. All probably pulling from the same distributor stock.

Find a store, add the /UPC/093624849001 or search for it and order.

But I will not be surprised if most make this one in store only like they did with RHCP (who used this exact same system).

Thanks for the heads up!  Ordered from my local spot for in store pickup, so hopefully that’s helps!  Let the wait commence.

From previous indie signed cd's... RHCP were all in-store... but Avenged Sevenfold cancelled some online orders and not others...

Yes. Ordered from two stores and just got a cancellation. 

Which stores cancelled?


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