Hi Everyone. A buddy of mine has this album supposedly signed by Gregg Allman. I think it's a forgery, but he says the guy he got it from is a trustworthy person. I've gotten Allman many times in person, and while this looks similar, something is just off about it. I would welcome other opinions on this. Am I wrong, and it's real...or am I right and it's fake? Thanks!!

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Just FYI for anyone interested about current signing habits....I saw Gregg sign items for a few people after the Bros. Beacon Theater show last night.  Then he got into his limo (actually a van) and split.

And on a point unrelated to autographs....his singing voice sounds better than ever.

My poster from the Palms' Vegas concert 2014, signed only with "GA". Not to mention, the poster looks like it was made by an 10 year old with Corel Paint in 1992. But I loved the concert and I love Gregg.

This poster is cool, but it’s not signed by Gregg. I think the signature at the bottom is perhaps the poster artist? Regardless, it isn’t Gregg Allman, IMO. 

Weird. Found out that the poster is by Brad Vetter. Can't get "BV" out of this signature. Always thought Allman was sick and old and had lot of posters to sign for the merchandise desk. Does not look like Allman's signature for me either, thought.



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