Hi Everyone,

I am looking at buying a poster, would welcome some feedback on the following signatures, Many thanks in advance for your time in looking, and, giving me your feedback.

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Hamill is the only one that seems a bit rushed and a tad sloppy, but everything there is authentic. 

Thanks Pete, always on the ball, and willing to help others.

Happens like that sometimes, when celebs rush their signature.

I have Carrie's autograph from a Con I saw her sign in person in front of me. Looks exactly the same so this one looks authentic.

Thanks Jagman99, to be honest I don't have any doughts, just not that well educated on this area, as I am just starting to collect in this field now, I have to say, that bloody Harrisons signature is a nightmare. Haha

The problem with Harrison, as with many others, is that it changes given time. To me, I can't see why a variation should change its value, but people I guess want one design of his signature more than another. 

My initial thought was authentic as well! I couldn't see all the sigs at first but to me, this seems OK, but always follow the autograph code of ethics and you can't go wrong! Best of luck as I know you'd been after an SW poster! Failing that, OPX do Hamill, Ford, Fisher and Mayhew on a 11x4 which is the next best thing to a poster, now and again! Always keep an eye on Official Pix - you can't go wrong with them!

Thanks for your feedback Robin, I have just located OPX website, they don't have large posters in stock at this mo.

Hey Mark

Yeah, I should've mentioned I knew they didn't, I just wanted to make sure you got the real deal, should your search for an authentic poster turn out to be fruitless as I know that getting a signed SW poster isn't always that easy, unless you know where you are actually looking and I wanted to give you a backup option. You just can't go wrong with OPX, regardless, so its best to get authentic signatures, if on a poster, or not. I think, I might be wrong, that celebrity authentics just may have posters, so you may want to check them out, but definitely check out websites like coolwaters, I think they're called, as they do in person signings, just like celebrity authentics - wherever I can, I stick to IP companies and if i can't, I go by other dealers, following the code of ethics when buying autographs. Best of luck!





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