When trying to collect Elvis Presley Autographs its hard not to run into forgeries.  One of the best is Hans Bakker.  I would love to see KNOWN Hans Bakker Elvis' to compare.  He does have a certain style and I would love to see examples please.  

thanks and hope everyone is safe and well during these crazy times!


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There are so many autographs in the Army signed with a date, '59', '60' etc. I used to think that was a sign of Hans.  Did Elvis really date his autographs after the Army?  I havent seen many signed during the 60's with the dates in quotes.   Thats a subject worth checking out.  Maybe someone here has a personal autograph with a date on it?

I thought that as well.  I have never seen an authentic Elvis with a date added to it...yet. 

I have owned an Elvis that he dated.

It was signed in Texas in 1958 & is referenced in the Peter Guralnick book Careless Love.

Elvis was on his way home after a day at Fort Hood & 3 young girls had set up at the roadside with a sign asking him to stop. He did and signed for each.

The one I owned & have since sold read  To Kay from Elvis Presley "58"

He didn't do it very often but he did do it on rare occasions.

Hello Don - could you post an image of the auto please?  If you still have one..



I don't have an image but like I said the story is in Careless Love. Just look for it surrounding his tenue at Fort Hood. 

Now for better or worse I do own (not proudly I might add) two original Hans Bakker's. Purchased many many years ago. I could if you so desire post those

And once again its during the Army years of 58-59.  It seems to be very common on many autographs signed during that period.  Would love to see an image with a date beyond 1960.

Hello Mark,

this is an excellent subject that you raised - I highly appreciate it, because the same question troubles me since quite a while (pls. refer to Karsten's Discussion "Various 6 autographs....").

Does anybody know more about this phantom guy Hans Bakker? Is he still active? Who knows more?

Let me maybe contribute an authentic autograph I own that Elvis signed and dated in April 1958 and which he dedicated  to the former cook, Ms. Reinhardt, of the Hotel "Villa Grunewald" ( where he stayed. The autograph originates from Rita Issberner-Haldane, the former owner of this hotel (meanwhile deceased). 

All the other autographs I have are undated and bear a "Love ya" or "Thanks" next to the signature. I also guess dates are rare...

Curious what others think... Let's have a constructive discussion! ;-)

Kind regards



Does this look like a Hans Bakker Elvis??  I think so.. Opinions?



could be Mark. I would stay clear of it

Hey Mark,

first of all, IMHO this clearly was not written by Elvis.
In my opinion this was written by Lamar „Buddha“ Fike, his friend and bodyguard. He reportedly signed lots of secretarials - especially during the Army stint. 

I once bought an Elvis autograph from Markus Brandes signed by Elvis on the Front and by Lamar on the reverse side of the postcard (COA confirming this).

And the Lamar looks pretty much exactly like this... The sharp „l“ etc.

But coming back to Hans Bakker: obviously this guy was much better than this.

But where are the confirmed fakes? Let us have a comparison here...

I really want to learn more about this guy in order to make sure that my autographs are no Bakkers...

Have a happy Sunday


Hello Markus - 

Thanks for your message.  For the record, I agree the photo I posted is clearly not in the hand of Elvis.  I have seen that sharp "l" in Elvis a few times and I alway wondered if that was characteristic of Hans or not.  So you are saying that is a characteristic of Lamar Fike, one of Elvis Memphis Mafia guys.  Very good to know.   Hopefully we can get some photo of Bakkers examples up in this thread.  



Hi Mark.  I found in my collection two photocopies of what I believe to be Hans forgeries.  These were from back in the 90's when I was considering bidding on them.  I kept them for reference.



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