Thoughts on this greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Looks fine typical signatures from the late 70s to late 80s period. It would make sense it could have been signed when they were in the traveling wilburys together.
I think the dedication and autograph are both in George's hand...can't comment on the Tom though.
I think this is ok too! Both George's and Tom's!

The Harrison signature looks fine to me.

The George looks fine to me but no experience with Tom Petty.
Im concerned with it being a copy, im not completely sold on it.
I am skeptical. Hard not to be nowadays with copying techniques. Nice get if real!
It is interesting that the fact that the ‘form’ of an autograph is no guarantee that it isn’t copied somehow.

I guess it’s part of the reason that opinions from the respected Beatle experts are so hard to get now. Virtually any assessment via picture or scan could be wrong if the signatures have been copied onto the item.

It’s no longer just a matter of ‘signatures look good’.
That's exactly correct. That's why some of these tpa,co's fall short these days. You really need to know the who's ,the why's and the whens.

You are spot-on Karl. You can tell if an autograph is clearly fake from a photo, but you've got to see an autograph in person, and investigate it carefully, to be sure it's real.

The processes they use to create fakes these days are scary.

It comes down to experience, research and many times gut. Nothing is guaranteed in life. 

Harrison would sign his name in a pseudonym in the Travelling willburys, how often is a question i ask.



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