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Here is a Harrison Ford I received as a part of a trade awhile back. At the time, I had no reason to suspect it. Recently I have had a number of negative responses to it's authenticity. I am requesting members here who know Ford's signature to chime in. Is the genuine or is it so atypical that reasonable minds would have serious doubts. Thank-you.

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Hi Joe, 

I can see why this is had such negative feedback on it. it’s a very ugly signature if real, I personally believe it’s not authentic in my opinion. 

According to other members here with superior knowledge on the source, K9 appears to be a very reputable source so I hope everyone don’t think I was knocking or putting down K9 at all with my opinion, It was just my opinion on the autograph itself, I still think that the Ford is ugly if real and personally if I was buying a Ford I wouldn’t touch it with just how atypical it is, I would go for something more typical. But that’s me, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t buy it if it’s authentic & that’s really the main focus/thing here, finding out if its authentic. It's frustrating when stars don't care, get sloppy and change & get inconsistent with their autograph makes life very difficult. Anyways I wish you the best of luck with the item and hope things work out well etc

when that numbered hologram is on the back of the photo i would not worry to much. it's not his best autograph but i have seen much worse in person ford autographs. standing on the street talking - walking - face turning and signing at the same time could end up with the autograph you posted.

I can’t speak regarding the authencity of the autograph, but given that it comes from K9Graphs I would be VERY surprised if it wasn’t genuine.

I have only heard good things about him and if I’m not mistaken Pete Bendu (who I trust 100%) vouch for Anthony here on AML and said he was the only dealer he himself trusted all the way. Search here and you’ll find the thread.

I know that you should judge the autograph on it’s own merits and it may not be the most attractive example, but I would bet my money on authentic if I had to. But that is, as said, solely based on K9s reputation!

Atypical.  I am not familiar with K9 Graphs.  I typically purchase from Skyline Signatures.  I recently considered purchasing something from K9 Graphs, but decided against it.  Joe W, you may want to reach out to them.  If they are as reputable as members say, I am sure that they will be willing to resolve any concerns that you may have.  I also agree with Cogo.  Pete Bendu is a valuable member.  You may want to reach out to him as well, and ask for an opinion.  I doubt that he will say that it is typical of Harrison Ford’s autograph, regardless of the source.  Best of luck.

I appreciate all the responses from my fellow collectors so far. I hope others will also respond and I will not try to interject further until it appears this discussion nears it's conclusion. Looking forward to further thoughts and opinions.

K9 is mostly known for Star Wars related autographs, and he's very well trusted by many people who specialize in those signatures. As Cogo mentioned, Pete Bendu trusts him, and Pete is one of the biggest Star Wars autograph experts in the world. K9 is one of the few sellers on eBay I trust 100%.

But it is a very atypical Ford. Does the back of the photo have a matching holo sticker? If that sticker is not present, and if you didn't get it from K9 himself, then it's possible that whoever gave it to you sent you a forged photo with the K9 COA, and then kept the original.

But if it does have the sticker, or if you did get it directly from K9, then I'd trust it 100%, despite it looking abnormal. Honestly, if K9 was forging these, he could do a more typical forgery than this. So the fact that it's atypical would be more easily attributed to a rushed genuine signature than a forged one from someone who could do it better.

It's also a great photo! In my opinion, Indiana Jones photos are always best for Harrison Ford. And Temple of Doom is such a masterpiece.

I am confused by this discussion. Is the purpose to ask an opinion about the Harrison Ford autograph, or to ask an opinion about the seller? If the former, it is atypical. I cannot imagine anyone disagreeing. If the latter, members seem to hold the seller in high regard. I suppose if you trust the seller, and are not concerned about the autograph being considered typical of Harrison Ford, then you can rest easy, Joe W.

take a harrison ford, mix in a few cocktails, and you have a signature like that. K9 is a legendary new york grapher. 100% legit signature

That does not mean that it will pass a reputable TPA, which is my point.  Most collectors do not want to own an atypical autograph that they did not acquire in person.  Also, does the seller acquire his own autographs, or does he consign and outsource?  As much as I appreciate a good reputation, the autograph should speak for itself.  It is atypical.  You have even agreed that it is, Mark.  You are offering an opinion that it is authentic based on the reputation of the seller, who may not even have acquired it in person.  As a matter of fact, he may have acquired it from another reputable collector or seller.  And so on....  I would be interested to know the history of this piece.

he gets everything himself. he doesn't employ anyone. he's a nyc cop and has been graphing nyc for decades. 

Tough city to be working in right now in that profession. I tip my hat to all the fine police who work diligently to serve and protect.



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