Has anyone ever heard of this website, https://www.hollywoodautographs.net? They seem to be selling forgeries, but I wasn't sure. A lot of the images on the site are identical to images on Hollywood Memorabilia, which is a trustworthy source I believe. Any opinions?


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Hi Jack. Always run your seller through the search engine here. You will find threads like this:

Hollywood Autographs

Thanks Keith, I see it now.

You are most welcome. It's a good habit to check.

That kind of "business" really is awful.  Anyone who is looking for an autograph and doesn't have a whole lot of experience could easily be taken in by someone like that.  The prices are enticing since they are below what real ones would cost. 

Especially bizarre is that with every autograph pictured, there is a claim that there are "2 in stock!".  

p.s.  In regards to 'Hollywood Memorabilia', if you are interested in items you see there, you might want to check out this prior thread:


You could save a LOT of money.



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