Help in Philadelphia needed - Small Claims Court

I bought some signed items from an auctioneer in Philadelphia then when PSA examined said bad. notified the seller and returned the items with his permission. he claimed to have sent me in October  a refund check for $1600 but I never received it. then, in January 2015, he sent me an empty USPS Priority envelope. So, now it is time to take him to Small Claims Court in the City of Brotherly Love. but, I get no response from the courts there. and, I live in California

the Court House is:Philadelpia Small Claims Court 1339 Chestnut St #1020 Philadelphia, PA 19107

His business is located on 18th St South. 

the assistance I need is where can I find the filling papers and ???

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Philadelphia Court system???  May God have mercy on your soul. I know it is a huge bureaucracy down there.  I assume you tried calling the court administrative offices.  I would also suggest you try the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce to see if he is a member.  You might also try the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office for help.  Hope you can get it resolved.

Hi, call a few local lawyers who will talk to you for a couple of minutes for free... knowing the system is part of the battle.. Also, send him a Formal Letter of Demand by Registered mail... setting a firm deadline for payment or advising a Court Filing will occur.

Thanks Tony...wrote the demand letter today. i appreciate the advice given

We very recently had to a situation with a person at this very same address who claimed to have sent a check (that never arrived) in payment for a won auction lot. We had numerous communications and eventually had no choice but to take legal action. If you would like to contact us maybe our paperwork could somehow help you. 

Very generous of you, REA, to reply to his dilemma.

to Robert Edward Auctions:

I mailed the demand letter to Piedmont Auctions on March 31, 2015 with a deadline of April 23, 2015 which is approaching fast. so far, no response. my next step, if no payment is received, is to take him to Small Claims court. any assistance or advice you may give will be greatly appreciated. thank you - a few years ago, I consigned a number of items with REA and was very successful

Frank Prisco of Piedmont Auctions?

Chris Lewis is who i am dealing with but i mailed the demand letter to Frank Prisco notifying him of what has occurred and asking for payment of the $1600.00 i am out

Chris Lewis is his lawyer I believe.


Frank Prisco owns Piedmont and Chris Lewis is in charge of Operations with Stephanie Brown as their Attorney

Piedmont Sport is owned by Frank Prisco and operated by Chris Lewis. Prisco has decades of experience in insurance, though his main passion is sports merchandise and memorabilia. He leads the family-owned business’ marketing, sales, and distribution. Chris Lewis is the one who primarily attends conventions and trade shows. This pair of memorabilia movers is supported by others who take care of public relations, insurance, marketing, sales, and other elements of Piedmont. The legal aspect of the operation is handled by Stephanie Brown

That's right, Ms. Brown is their attorney.

was i correct in contacting Frank Prisco with the demand letter ? i figured as the owner he was responsible overall for the situation with Chris Lewis. Stephanie Brown is considered legal counsel acting under the orders of Frank Prisco



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