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Hi everybody i'm kind of new to autograph collecting and i have a question.I would like to frame some of my autographed pictures.My question is do you guys know where i can get custom made mats for my movies autographed pictures.What i mean by that is lets say i have a Leatherface Gunnar Hansen signed pictures and i would like a Leatherface mat to make the picture look good.Thank you for your help.

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Michaels offer a leather mat in black. Use anodixed aluminum for the frame, available in many finishes, and acid free everything for the safest approach. Wood frames are highly acidic. Make sure the photo is hinged properly - we don't want duck tape etc.

Thanks for your help but Michaels don't make the mats i'm looking for.What i'm looking for are mats with lets say the movie posters on it as an example.It would be a background at the same time of a mat for the picture.

Unless this can be with conservation in mind great BUt just printed things perhaps not acid free might end up being desructive. I used to be a franer - believe me - less is more. Avoid any type of "plaque" with the name etc IMO.

Ok i didn't know that i guess a simple acid free mat is the way to go then if i want to protect my autograph.Thanks dude.


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