Hi you all!

My name is Peter and I life in the Netherlands. I'm not a real collector (I guess) but I love some stuff (mostly technical) and then I want to have it.... OK that sounds like a collector... 

Anyway I'm a total fool for BB King and I can not think of anything else that I want more than owning a guitar signed by him. ...so looking at EBay these things go from "not that crazy expensive" to "crazy expensive" ... I think I'm operating in the middle part... but having never played in this field I'm wondering if I'm making a rooky mistake by spending 4k5 on a guitar with a PSADNA COA... and assuming I'm fine (I did follow most of Steve Zarelli's  tips to check the credebility of the seller...)

So I'm looking at this guitar:

In short, I would be very happy with any of your feedback... is it on the signature or on the process I'm following... anything to prevent me from running full speed into a dark room ;)

It's all about this add: Ebay link


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This is offered by very trustworthy dealer Michael Kasmar! I know nothing about this autograph but solely based on the dealers reputation I’m sure it’s genuine.

Contact him on the address below and I’m sure he’ll give you a better deal compared to eBay:


Good luck getting your dream item!

Man thats so nice of you! Tnx mate!

No worries my friend! I have also sent Michael a pm and linked him to this discussion. He’s a member here so hopefully you’ll get in touch soon!

Please let me know how it goes!

Hi all,

I have a additional question regarding authenticity of a BB King signature. Do you guys have an opinion about this signed pickguard? 


Cheers, Peter


Is there anybody who could give some insight on the above mentined autograph from BB King? Anything would be highly appreciated as I'm already quite far in agreement with the seller. 

Thank you so much.




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