I was recommended this forum by someone who advised me about my fathers collection - My father passed away - he was a collector for many years, always buying, never selling.   I am trying to figure out some of the items in his collection and decide what/if I should sell, and what is worth spending to authenticate, etc.   There are thousands of items.    I was hoping this forum could help me with these Beatles signed 8x10 photos.  They were purchased from Michael Wehrmann in 1989 by my father and have the pictured handwritten receipts along with the items.    I've been successfully taking a small about of his higher value items to JSA  or PSA for authentication, but given the size of the collection, it's not feasible (time or money) to authenticate all of it.   Some things have certs from where they were purchased, but I am wondering about these hand written receipts and if that stands up?  Please let me know your thoughts on either the autographs or the source documentation.    I hear that there is a lot of knowledgable people here - I would welcome any feedback (good or bad) regarding these - trying to learn!  


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They look OK...


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