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Hildur Guðnadóttir, Cate Blanchett, Todd Field, & Sophie Kauer signed Art Prints

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Thanks for the link.  I also order another one in case there is in issue with my Euro order. 

I have had good experiences with Center Stage also.  they have been reliable with my orders and they also very quickly rectified an issue I had with one order. 

Also had great experiences with Center Stage. I’ve ordered signed Tori Amos merch from them. Always timely, great communication and impeccable service.

Funny, an ad for this just showed up in my Facebook feed ten minutes ago and I snagged another one just in case something happens with my euro order. I think this set will be fantastic.

Looks like the Center Stage copies are gone now. 

My order from Germany just shipped. Can't wait to get this. They are going strong into the award season. 

Ich auch! Tracking number came through in the middle of the night. I'm very excited-- watched the movie for the first time last week and quite enjoyed it. Cate Blanchette is superb, as per the usual.

I am amazed. I absolutely love this purchase!! Thank you so much DPlus!!!

It arrived in the best packaging ever, like a Russian nesting doll.

When I came home a box the size of a small apartment was waiting by the front door. What could it be? This surely could not be the 2 vinyl I ordered - wrong!

I opened up the box to find a bunch of filling paper and 2 smaller brown boxes, each still big enough to carry at least 20 LPs. 

Inside I found more filling paper, another box (the one LPs are usually shipped in) and the art prints neatly on top in a plastic sleeve.

The art prints are of a high quality thick paper with a beautiful signature from Cate (I haven't checked the others yet). On the back they are hand-numbered X/300.

I got mine from the US Store and I’m also amazed. Also numbered out of 300. There was an extra print signed by renowned cellist Sophie Kauer that wasn’t listed when I ordered. That’s a bonus. This is an incredible set that was very cheap. 

I got mine today, the box was tattered but the content immaculate. Very happy with it.

I received 4 prints which you can see in the picture below. Can I check what 5th extra print did you receive?

Pretty sure they all just came with these 4 people. Sophie was listed when it first went up for sale. Got my US order but still waiting on my Euro one that just got through US customs yesterday.

I only received 4 prints. I didn’t recall Sophie being listed as one of the prints. Sorry for the confusion. 

Brilliant, thanks for confirming this, even happier I am not missing out.


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