Hoards of Manning forgeries on Ebay here is a Dual Forged Football of Manning and D. Thomas....listed by seller thehawk008

Looks like the same guy that forged those Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews footballs. 


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Check out this set of Peyton Manning/Wes Welker set of forgeries listed by Ebay seller Thehawk008.

And, of course, the Ebay wannabe autograph collectors are bidding on this crap listed by Ebay seller Thehawk008.

Ebay seller Thehawk008 claims these sigs (forgeries) were acquired at a private signing.  Just another Ebay scammer.


more crap.  same forger signed both balls. 

Ebay sellers like Thehawk008 and Don_2100 get on Ebay thinking that no one will notice them except the wannabe autograph collectors.

thehawk008 did sell an Aaron Rodgers Clay Mathews dually forged football. 


That is nasty-looking!!!

$61.00 for that piece-of-crap!!!!


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