Honestly!!!! Would you pay $3000.00 for this awful looking Elvis Presley autograph...Not me!!!!!

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Is it even real!?
Well I wouldn't buy it .
If real, wich year was it signed, late 70s!?

I don`t beleive its authentic but PSA/DNA thinks it real?????

that could be authentic.  remember he was high most of the time. a friend of mine got him in person in the 70's and she said he could barely sign his name, 

Meh I could see it possibly being real if he was sticking his arm out a car window to sign, or was otherwise impaired. The "Elvis" has good qualities, but no I wouldn't pay too much for something this iffy, even if PSA somewhat surprisingly stands behind it.

This is a perfect example of what in-person autograph collecting is like. All of these "perfect" signatures just aren't always the reality. Sometimes, authentic autographs are a true mess. It doesn't make them less real, just more undesirable by advanced collectors.

As the seller will see, items like this are only worth what someone will pay.

Very true....many celebrities sign like doctors, just scribbles, and collectors will pay for them.



This authentic Elvis signature is not an example of a rushed scribbled signature.

It is I believe, an example of getting bumped while signing the postcard.


That is always a good point. It's why a lot of times they have the most value to the people who actually received it. If I'm buying an autograph I didn't witness being signed, as with every autograph I buy, I want it to look like all the other signatures I've seen from the signer.

I seem to remember this particular item selling at RR a month or two ago pre-certified by Roger Epperson.

The first part of his name looks good, not drug-induced or rushed. Bob Shinn's explanation probably makes sense.

But even if it is authentic, would you purchase it???  I know i wouln`t.

Not for me..


The first part of the sig looks about right but I have to agree the last name is so bad I would not want to purchase.



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