I Thought These Wrestling Signatures Looked Legit But I Want To Be Sure, Can Anyone Help?







Hello There,

I'm brand new to the site as this is my 1st post and am hoping I could get some opinions on these autographed carded wrestling figures. I bought them off eBay, all from the same seller and want to be absolutely sure they are authentic signatures! 

My brother's birthday is coming up in June and who wants to receive a fake Big Van Vader as a gift?

The seller's user name is dealdaddy1002 and I couldn't find any negative feedback about forgeries just shipping/packing... I have noticed he sells a ton of reprint promo photos that are printed in 8x10's then signed but the descriptions never mention that though. I'm not sure that means anything or not?

The signatures are supposed to be from;

  1. Vader - x2
  2. Hulk Hogan
  3. Bret Hart
  4. Sunny
  5. Sid
  6. Rocky Maivai/The Rock
  7. Shawn Michaels

Thanks for any help, Adam

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The only ones I have any familiarity with is Hogan and Hart, both of which appear to be fake.

Even without familiarity of wrestling autographs in general, I can tell something's wrong here. Scroll through his listings and note how essentially "none" of the autographs look natural, with some of the more elaborate ones looking slow and shaky. Either this guy is a forger, or whoever he bought them from is. It honestly doesn't even look like it might be a mix of good and bad - just straight garbage.

The quality of the items signed too is a good telltale sign that this guy just found some old, cheap crap and started scribbling.

There are many quality, honest, competent sellers on Bay. But there are infinitely more scam artists and forgers, or just irresponsible sellers peddling trash. This guy, unfortunately, Would appear to fall into the latter category. If I was you, I wouldn't hesitate to try to get my money back.

Link for anyone else who might want to take a look: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_s...

Bummer... I was thinking they're legit as I thought why would you ruin perfectly fine figures?

Also, why wouldn't he fake Austin, McMahon, and Rodman too to complete the packs? Maybe they're signatures are too complex? HaHa

I suppose I'll try to get my $151.49 back, OUCH!

Well, if the story that these were from wrestling signings, then I'm guessing that Rodman and McMahon would be pushing it to much. Not sure about Austin. 

There is a gentleman heading down to Wrestlecon who's taking consignments - some big names there, too: Michaels, Flair, Nash, The Hardys, The Steiners, Vader, Booker T, Sting, Jim Ross, Edge & Christian, etc. Crazy list. Might be an opportunity to get some premium stuff straight from the source. No Idea what they'll be charging though.


Here's a small sample of what I'm talking about, some of the worst examples in fact. Side note: Notice how oddly close the R in Ricin's Flair and the B in Bill Goldberg are.

Notice how absurdly slow these are signed? 

Man, I feel a little stupid... not 100% but very close! That Torri is so obvious!

I paid for these in January, hopefully I can still get everything back?

The story I got is that he's selling these for a friend who has medical problems or something? Some people will say anything to make a quick buck I guess?

Of course my purchases are not covered under eBay's money back guarantee due to being pass 30 days... Who made up these rules anyway, especially for autographs! Getting them back from authentication takes longer than that so clearly that should be change... 

UPDATE - The seller actually responded and is ok with returning the figures so that's good to hear!

Now he's saying Bret and Sunny signed that box in front of him and he had vader for a signing? I did notice the signature left out VAN and only says Big Vader... this guy may be crazy?

I sure appreciate your help Rich!

I'd love to hear when, where and see his proof pics. If he got his stuff at signings, he should have more evidence that the signings existed.

Plus, which is it - he bought a collection or he had the signings himself? Look at the guy's other stuff, including his massive porn collection. That should offer even more insight on this seller.

For kicks, maybe try emailing or tweeting Tammy Sytch, Bret or Sid and ask for an opinion.

2 different stories is not helping his case here...

You'd think he would offer some proof after being accused of selling fakes especially if you had Vader for a signing? Where's the newspaper article advertising his appearance or a website link? Something!

I may just have to try emailing them? I don't have a twitter account as that would be better and faster!

Are you familiar with Macho Man Randy Savage or Sherri Martel signatures by chance?

UPDATE - I luckily did receive a full refund from this guy today no problem, so all ended well!

I definitely won't be buying from him again though...



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