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Gold sharpie one looks 'different'....

Ty! Hopefully your other orders  are on their way and not too far behind what you recieved .  the emails I got telling me my 2 orders were shipped  were both separate emails about 2 or 3 days apart

I had ordered 2 of the regular cds, and 2 of the LPs with poster in separate orders. My cd order does not show in my account history but I emailed them about it a few days ago and they said that it was delayed but would be coming. But honestly I don't believe them. I think the WB customer service reps are 100% clueless. I just really hope my LP posters are just folded twice or whatever and not 30x like the cd ones.

Got my CD and poster yesterday. The poster is useless. Folded too heavily to ever get fully flat and multiple times. Seriously considering sending it back or at least asking for a refund.

Has anyone ordered/received all (3) signed CD versions from the US store?  The shipping of my order has been delayed, and I was wondering if the artwork for the signed insert matches the disc cover art.

Anyone gotten any updates or their actual order from Warner Music Canada? 

I received word through their store that “unfortunately due to a delay with the signed product, the shipping date was moved to February 3rd 2023.”

Thanks, I got the same a little while back but didn’t want to bother them again. I’m fine waiting. As long as they get here. 

I just heard from them, too. I had asked to please ship the posters I ordered in a tube (  I even offered to pay the extra postage, etc). They replied that they are folded to CD size. Oh well, I’ve flattened folded pieces before, and as someone else mentioned, they were essentially free and there’s something punk about the folds, but yeah, I’m disappointed. Supposed to ship on Feb 3.

I e mailed his webstore a few days ago albeit a bit prematurely as my CD's from the US haven't arrived in the UK yet, but I did say if mine arrived folded that would be no good, as autograph collectors don't want to receive posters folded at all and they would have to supply a prepaid postage label to return them from the UK to US. 

Leigha replied from his webstore within ten minutes, saying if they arrived folded that they would ' Put it right' I'm not entirely sure what that means exactly, maybe somebody in the US can complain too and see what they say? 

I also emailed and they refunded me without asking for a return. That’s fine with me but I’d rather have gotten a nice poster and paid for it but it is what it is. 

Canada is also shipping! Yay! Just got an e-mail from them...



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