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For Carl Ryan - Interesting points.  A few thoughts....

Motives – I have none.  I don’t sell autographs.  My post was referencing a lawsuit that may change the internet as we know it.  I find the internet to be informative, and stimulating.  I also find it crass.  If a court case changes how people interact on it and make people more civil to one another I think that’s super.  Our society has broken down.  Unfortunately, many people seem to think the only way to be heard is to destroy or harm another to get their point across.  About the only way you can change that type behavior is to put a price tag on it.  That price tag could take many forms.  In the case I brought up the cost is in the form of dollars to a website owner.  That is a game changer.

You stated you where shocked to see “to see a legit autograph collector post the comments above”.  Is that supposed to mean or imply that I am not a legit autograph collector?  I find that a strange comment.  Just because I have little interest in seeing thread that say this website/auction is a forgery with ZERO back-up as to why the poster is making his/her observation public you find fault with it.  OK.  Let me attempt to explain once again why I have no desire to read that type of post.  Unless the poster advises why the item is a fake I learn nothing from that post.  Well, I learned that someone thought it was a fake.  However, I’m here in an attempt to expand my knowledge on autographs.  I want to know why in their viewpoint it is a fake.  I have read things like “that doesn’t have the three things I look for in that signature”.  OK, what are those three things?  When I ask that or someone else does the response given might be similar to “I can’t tell you that.  It would make the forgers better at what they do.”  Umm, what did I learn there?  Nothing.  I have to take whatever person word for which no proof has been offered at face value.  Wanna advise me on who in this forum is right 100% of the time?  If that person exist then I’ll take their word all the time.  If not, I’d like an explanation on why they believe what they believe.  I’ll be able to make an informed decision on if I believe or not to believe what they posted.

I have also read threads that go after this authenticator or another authenticator.  It appears to me that just about every authenticator gets it wrong some of the time.  Running off this authenticator or that authenticator in a pile on thread does little besides expand a “group think” mentality.  Shouting down someone doesn’t allow for a communication flow.  It shuts it down.  Maybe that’s what you guys want.  I’ve no idea.  However, I have read a thread or two where that took place.

Your comment on swamping the industry.  The industry is already swamped.  On 60 Minutes Sports the story they had on Game Used Memorabilia where Mr. Steiner stated that up to 40% of what was on eBay was fake.  That’s 4 out of 10.  

The thread we are posting in is an interesting example of posters cutting a path to an outcome or judgement.  Do I know that the seller of this item did what people in here are accusing them of?  Nope, I have no idea.  However, if they are not and it damages their business then someone should be held accountable for it.  With the Jones’ ruling that doesn’t just lie with the poster.  It now also lies with the owners of the website it was posted on.  I have no issue with that at all.

Huh.  Interesting....very interesting. 

Another one bites the dust...for now...good work...

Couple things - the MJ fedora they had listed was pulled

And just FYI paypal doesn't offer any cover if the purchase isn't in one sum. If it's broken up it's not covered

This is exactly what an ebay representative has told me on the phone regarding a purchase I have made in the past.

"Buyers must raise a dispute within 45 days of a single PayPal payment for the full price of the item. If no satisfactory response is received from the seller, a claim must be filed within 20 days of raising the dispute"


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