I don't post many of the autographs I have for three reasons - lack of time, the awkwardness of photographing framed items, and fear of hearing bad news. Provided you have no intention of selling, ignorance can be bliss.

Anyway, I do now have a bit of time and I thought I'd post a few things.

Here is what I think is a 1980s McCartney. If real, it has to be one of the largest and most flamboyant Macca autographs I have ever seen. You can really see how it was created and it seems to have been signed with pleasure. From left to right it measures just under 11 inches (26 cm).

Any views on authenticity and date? I should be 1990 or earlier because the person who is supposed to have obtained it died that year. I'm also attaching a file to enable enlargement. 

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Looks ok to me.

I think it's the real deal! Nice autograph.

Looks good to me!
I wonder why people dont ppst their graphs, it can be tuff to learn if you have a forgery, or the other thing listening to collectors say they'd prefer this or that. But generally i find if you post something of quality you wont even get any interest of the item.

It looks OK to me...nice!!!

And I love the googly eyed face. 8O)  If I could draw such a perfectly expressive googly eyed face like that, I wouldn't even bother writing my name. I'd go straight to the googly eyed face and leave it at that for my signature.

great signature, I believe that is from the 70's era.


Thanks for your example Jim. Very siimilar indeed and it could well be that mine is also from the early 80s.

No problem Pug,...always trying to help...

Here is a similar one from the 80's

Very nice! I like the way you can see how Paul has gone from the "M" to the "C". On the examples from Jim and me you don't see that at all..




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