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I went this week to get Weird Al at the Sacaremento State fair, he put on a good show, and after I thought for sure I would get him. But was shut out. He did a meet and greet for about 50 people and signed for all of them but didnt come out to us so I drove home with nothing.


But today I took off work and went for the Silversun Pickups and did awsome. I got there at 12:00 and waited near there bus, and around 3:30 a van pulled in a dropped the 4 of them off. They were all real cool and when I called them they all came over and signed my stuff. Even switching pens using silver paint pen for the dark album and sharpies for the white albums. Pretty happy with what I got. Check out the pcitures









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The silver looks really good. When I met them they were so cool and talkative.
Ok here are some up-comming event that I am going to try to get some autographs from.

Black Keys Fox @ Oakland Ca

Sublime with Rome @ Santa Cruz Ca

Alice In Chains @ San Jose Ca

Klye Gass of @ Tenacious D

Looking forward to going for these guys
The guys from the Black Keys are cooler before the show then after.

Eric from Sublime with Rome was saying we were ebayers for having photos.
Hey when did you go for Sublime? Did you go before the show or after the show? Where they in a tour bus? Can you tell me more about your experience with them, as I really really want to get them on there 40oz to freedom LP

Did they end up signing for you?
I got Sublime July 16th in Detroit. I got them before the show at the hotel at around 3. They all have there own bus and were pretty cool. I got 3 8x10's of the original lineup signed and Bud wrote a bunch of stuff on my one photo.
Man can you post any pics? I would love to see.

There are going to be in Santa Cruz and I have never graphed out there, dont know anything about the hotels out there or where they are going to be staying...do you have any tips?

This is pretty much the most excited I have been, They are my favorites
Yea I'm a huge fan too. Eric was not to cool but it was still awesome to meet him. Send me your e-mail I'll send you a pic.
awsome man


cant wait to see
I have only seen what I think are fakes on ebay, I heard that he only signed Brad Nowell and the poster I saw on ebay a few weeks back was signed Bradley Nowell and it looked like a bad fake...the seller said her boyfriend bought it for her years ago and was asking $500.00 for it lol...I would really like to see some real autographs pop up
One pretty much unknown artist you can get to sign for you for free is Stan Bush.  He is a solo artist and sang the songs "The Touch" and "Dare" for the 1986 animated Transformers movie.  I met him a couple of years ago at the San Diego Comic Con.  He signed the cd covers of the Transformers animated movie soundtrack, and his album, In This Life, in black sharpie.  I also met him again at this year's BotCon (Transformers convention) in Pasadena.  He signed the cd cover of his most recent album that I bought, Dream the Dream, in silver sharpie.  For an artist who most people have never heard of, never does live concerts (except for only the 2009 BotCon that I know of), has few music videos on YouTube, has already done 11 albums (I've only seen 4 of them), gets no radio airplay, and gets no mention on MTV, he is a great singer and underrated artist.  While some people may believe he is riding off the sucess of the Transformers, he has done pretty well on his own.  Plus, he is a real nice guy and is willing to take a picture with you for free as well (other greedy artists and althetes take note!).  You can check his website, www.stanbush.com, to hear his music.  You can also see a picture of him holding a cd in my album, 2011 BotCon (be sure to check out my other albums too!).  Stan Bush is one artist that will always be appreciated by his fans, even though he will never be seen as a mainstream artist.  If you are tired of the same old crap on the radio, give Stan Bush a listen!  You might actually like his music!       

SSPU have always been stand up when it comes to signing items, in my experience. Very polite and all smiles.


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