Interpunk purchases for Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen

I feel its best for all of us who ordered through Interpunk to have a separate organized post related to our purchases with Interpunk.

I've created this thread because of the countless amount of reviews for Interpunk, spanning many years, of customers not receiving their items. If they are lucky enough to ever receive a reply, they are given bogus store credit which causes another runaround. However, there have been a few instances reported where customers do end up receiving their items but usually not without a fight. I feel its best to band together as a community, everyone who made this purchase, please contribute with a post to show how strong we are to aid in this potential fight. My plan is to have something in place to show Interpunk that we will not stand for this. I will contact them and send a direct link to this thread once there is activity. I suggest everyone do the same

Please  reserve this thread for ONLY Interpunk concerns

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So despite figuring out too late that I shouldn't cancel on the website, I did submit a PayPal claim which apparently goes right to them..I was brutally honest about their tactics.  We will see where this ends up but I'm.not planning on letting it go.  When you cancel on the website, it shows the payment you made as a - and then in red it says "payment transfer" and +(amount of purchase) after indicating they are refunding but of course didn't 

Sad to hear you guys are going through this with this ripoff merchant. I stayed away from interpunk. I finally received my money back from both streetlight and daddykool. In any case, hope you get refunded back soon. 

It happens, im not upset about an item falling through. It was worth a shot with PayPal protection. Now, the real issue is finding out how far back this company has continued scamming people.. it has to stop somehow and I feel this is the best chance for that to happen. Id still love for anyone out there to contribute, even if you are just lurkers and this is your very 1st post. We can't let this company continue to get away with this


Please take screenshots of everything for your records. 

I did take screenshots. Hope it helps 

I'm still unable to log in. Ill try on desktop a bit later. It may be a phone issue. I do tend to have a lot of those. Either way, if you are able to log in, could you take screenshots? Just for your records, not to share on here.. It might be pointless, but at least you will have all information possible. 

Hi everyone... I stumbled across this thread and despite being almost two months old, felt it would be helpful to create an account and clear up some information.

I worked at Interpunk years ago when it was extremely active, reputable, and full of people who cared.

I know Bob pretty well so I can tell you that trying to reach him through email, regular mail, phone, Facebook, or any other means of communication won't work.  You'd have to confront him in person and, even then, he'd have dozens of excuses why any problems are not his fault and he's trying to actively fix the situation.  I don't believe he's intentionally scamming people, but his priorities have always been incredibly skewed so he focuses on trivial tasks instead of dealing with major problems.  It's like a hoarder that keeps telling people they're going to clean the house eventually but they're really busy right now.

A few notes of clarification:

  • The employees listed elsewhere in the thread are not working at Interpunk anymore and have been gone for quite a while.  Based on what I've heard, it's just Bob and maybe a friend that helps him now and then.  There is absolutely no way there are 10+ employees as reported on some sites.
  • The warehouse addresses on the website, Facebook, etc., are incredibly out of date.  He is no longer at any of those locations and hasn't been for years.
  • Please don't reach out to his family members if you happen to find any.  They almost certainly can't help you and it's not worth frustrating them when they can't do anything.
  • You won't get anything back through the website unless you happen to reach him by chance.  Even then, based on comments from people I know personally, that's not a guarantee to get the situation resolved.
  • He is actually shipping orders.  I had some store credit on my account so I ordered some stickers for an obscure band I know personally, just to see if they would arrive, and they did just a couple days after my order.  High-demand items like limited vinyl pressings are typically promoted to gather sales that will cover production costs, but vinyl pressings currently have massive delays and that's just piling on the problems.

Here's a link to the Better Business Bureau report that came out in November 2022:

Reporting a complaint is really the best you can do and will save you a lot of headache.

Very nice insite, thank you for contributing. Ill add you as a friend.. Please accept and DM me so we can keep your info private. I wont post your info on here because based on research, some things you say do check out and seem correct online, I have clues of who you are (if this is all true) but have mixed feelings about your post. I do not believe you should give anyone false hope going forward by stating you received a few stickers. It is true some people do receive orders but everything is still a gamble..

As for a public follow up, could you provide a current address for his warehouse? This guy should not be in buisness at all. People will continue to get scammed. A bbb complaint will not get people their money back. It's best for everyone who sees this post in the future to bypass the headache and robbery and just DONT SHOP HERE.  This is just a general reply to your comment to keep potential shoppers on their toes. Id love to talk more if you are willing descreetly.

I don't have any idea where he's operating now.  The Warwick Road and E German School Road addresses mentioned earlier are warehouses he left a few years ago.  He was operating out of his house for a while, but after the eviction that someone else mentioned earlier, I have no idea.

So I wonder if Paypal is already familiar with this crook, I finally filed a claim this morning and I thought they usually investigated it and wait for a response from the seller, but barely 5 minutes after I filed it I got an email saying I was being refunded. I was expecting a headache and having to wait so I'm glad it's over that fast, now I just hope I didn't jump the gun and that this joker was going to eventually ship them lol, but from everything I've read it seems highly unlikely

Lol just looking at the site you can tell its bull s***



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