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PROTIP: Never, ever, EVER, purchase "fractional shares" in a card you don't physically own. This kind of garbage gives everyone a bad name.

Could you elaborate more on your response. Please

Alright, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume your post was serious.

Fractional shares on collectibles are patently absurd -- you've betting on the "stock performance" on an asset owned by someone... somewhere.. that you will never have access to, with so many variables and problems associated with it (namely, potential for fraud/no regulation/bankruptcy, as mentioned below) that you would be a fool to invest.

Nevermind that the site you quoted looks like it was thrown together in Wordpress in a couple days, the concept is quite literally incompatible with this site. You're asking people to visit a website where they don't get physically own anything, which is the whole point of getting an autograph in the first place.

The only reason fractional shares got as far as they did in the first place (non-collectible) was due to a bunch of Youtube creators shilling for it and creating a cottage subindustry on apps like Robinhood, where you can own a "piece of a share" of something like Amazon or McDonalds at a sliver of the price. That's a far different vehicle than physical assets that don't share the same attributes, regulation or availability.

If they're trying to sell their "company" like it's a stock market, no - that's not what this is. There's no regulating body here comparable to the SEC. There are no dividends. No board of directors. Who's calling the shots? Who's deciding what to buy and sell and for how much. What are their credentials? 

Without more transparency on the operation, I think it's more than fair to label it a scam. At best, it's a bad idea.

Thanks for the explanation and yes I was being serious. 

So you give them money to buy collectibles? That's a hard pass. That has all the makings of a company that will file for bankruptcy and leave you with nothing while they still have the memorabilia you bought for them. This makes NFTs sound worthwhile. 

The entire operation sounds like a scam.  It seems like a way for them to get other people to pay for the collectibles that they want, and will hold "on your behalf," which you can visit in their gallery every once in a while, and over which they have entire control in the buying and selling decisions.  I would stay far, far away.



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