Hello all,

I was hoping to your opinions on this Braun ball.  It was purchased on eBay a while back.  Thanks in advance!


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My first instinct is that it looks authentic.  I haven't paid super-close attention to Braun, but he's out local star and Waukesha Sports cards and Legends of the Field have done several signings with him.  That looks right to me.

If you want to see some of WSC's Braun stuff (AWESOME place if your a Brewers of Packers fan - they get everyone in that store) - http://www.waukeshasportscards.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=braun&a...

I hope you're instinct is right, Rich. It came with a COA from a company that has something of a reputation for passing forgeries.  And I have actually been to Waukesha Sports Cards in person, and it is absolutely great. Makes me wish I had more money every time.  

Uh oh, which COA?

GA. Which obviously makes me nervous. It's the only thing in my collection from them. almost everything else is PSA or JSA. 


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