Hello I'm looking to buy my first autographs by the musicals legends I love most. I have found a Michael Jackson one and an Elton John one but don't know how authentic they are. I would really appreciate any help and advice you may have for me. I would also be interested in any Freddie Mercury or Queen signatures if they were not too expensive. Thank you in advance. 

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Here are images 

Here are images 

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Hi James,

can't 100% tell the ones you post. But if you are looking for a 100% authentic Elton John I have one for sale on the Buy and Sell section. Just contact me via pm and we can work something out.

While I can’t speak on the Elton John item you posted as I’m not familiar enough with Elton’s signature to give an opinion, I believe both of the Michael Jackson items you posted are Not Authentic. The first item you posted at a quick glance has all of the characteristics of an early Michael Jackson signature, the signature itself is very bold and looks slowly writing. The first item could possibly be a preprint. The second Michael Jackson item you posted does not have the usual characteristics that we would see for his signed albums. The signature is not spaced out correctly and the only legible characters are ‘M’, ‘J’, and ‘N’. While this would be normal for Michael’s later signature style, this forger is impersonating Michael’s mid-80’s signature style. The only correct thing about this signature is the ‘J’ in ‘Jackson’, but not enough for me to completely say that this is authentic. 

Wow! Thank you very much! Bloody fakers. They make it so difficult. Your reply is appreciated 

James, I do not believe the Elton John is authentic

Thank you very much! 

Neither the Elton John or the Michael Jackson is authentic, IMO.  Both are bad. 




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