Will sell for fair price today, need Christmas money for my children that is the only reason I am selling this item

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definitely authentic.  value app. 350

Thank you sir I have had this ball since I was a little boy and moved from Florida I received the ball when they had the grand opening at the Ted Williams baseball museum they built in citrus hills Florida. I appreciate you verifying the signature I was sure was authentic just because of who and where it came from. I was little and the man that handed it to me was an older gentleman for all I know was Mickey himself I really don’t know to be honest 

Very nice

Are you not missing a "0" terrier? As a European I have absolutely no interest in baseball but I always thought Mantle was a much bigger fish, especially on a ball.

Missing a zero?  You mean 3500?  You can get 10 Mantle balls for that kind of money. 

Just goes to show how much I know about baseball. I think I muddled up Mantle with Ruth! 

if it were Ruth in that condition, you could add two zeros to it!

Put my foot in it again! There is a moral to this story!!

Very nice and appears authentic. Price?




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