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I still haven't received a response on this doesn't anyone how real Diamond looks like in this???

I had bought this LP and then later had it JSA authenticated.

Well that doesn't answer my question does it?

stop being rude to people who are taking their time to try to help you 

it’s no good buddy 

Then why does the autograph match other PSA autographs of his which I have copies of as exemplars? And I'm not your buddy.

yes your right. my buddy’s don’t have fake stuff and when they ask for opinion they should be grateful we are helping you since you don’t know that it’s fake. don’t ask if you know or think it’s real but it’s no good .

As I said I will check in with the PSA gentleman to tell him that you stated that this is a preprint and I am just simply saying that he will have to address this. Don't give me this buddy stuff I'm asking a question graciously and that's all I'm doing. I want to get to the bottom of this as much as the next person does. you take things very personally and you have very thin skin.

This is a preprint.

It's definitely not a preprint because I had it examined. I'm just asking is the signature authentic . If I asked you if it was a preprint I would have asked you is it a preprint. They're two different questions here. my question is just authenticity... Tom Kramer says it is not pre-printed... how you would know it's pre-printed from looking at a computer page I'll never know but that's not the question.

Is this not the same signature?

Furthermore analyzing both of them I can also come to the conclusion that one is is or can be original because the one I have is an actual felt pen and has been examined by PSA DNA individual, so what you're telling me is they're wrong?

Pre-prints are made from an actual written signature like a copy in a similar way so one of these can be the original deal . You do understand how pre-prints are made don't you ? They're made from "an" original...

I'll definitely let the PSA gentlemen know that you said to him that this is a preprint and we'll see what he has to say about that . I just want to get to the bottom of this myself so I appreciate your answer.



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